Sunny Scarlett

I have been making jewelry my whole life, but my educational background is rooted in fine art. I received my MFA in photography from Ohio University in 2003. Shortly after I graduated I was introduced to fused glass by my mother Sally, and I found the perfect union for my two passions; the artful combination of photography with the fine craft of fused glass!  While not all of my designs are based on photos (some are based on vintage illustrations), most are digitally altered photographs and drawings.  I love bright colors and I have an eclectic taste for cute critters, sea creatures and monsters, which keeps my line of jewelry full of the unexpected!

My studio is in Long Beach, California. Throughout the year I do several craft shows in Southern California and in Northwestern Pennsylvania (where my mom lives), so if you live in either area, sign up for my mailing list and I will notify you of my schedule!


Sally Scarlett

Sally has recently concentrated her artistic efforts on experimentation with various ways to use pot melted glass. By creating custom designed pots and slumping molds, Sally creates work that is completely unique. Sally’s work is not currently for sale on this site but if you check out her gallery page you can see some of her amazing pot melted dishes!

Sally’s Studio is located in Edinboro, Pennsylvania.